‘Solo, Solo’ star who died in a car crash is ‘very close to my heart’

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‘SOLO, SOLO’ star Paul McCartney is “very close” to his heart, his friend Graham Wilson said, just days after the star died in an accident.

McCartney, who died on Thursday, was involved in a crash on the M4 at Bury St Edmunds in south west England on Sunday.

He was airlifted to the Royal London Hospital and later died of his injuries.

“He’s a very special person.

He’s so close to me, he’s a friend of mine.

He was a very big part of my life and he was one of my biggest influences,” Wilson told the BBC’s TalkSport programme.”

It’s going to be really hard to find words to describe how much he meant to me,” he added.”

But he was just so close.

He could take his own life just like anyone else.””

It was just devastating to know the news and I know it’s heartbreaking that he was involved, but it’s not a shock.

It’s a real shock,” Wilson added.

McCabe’s friend, actor Graham Wilson, said he was “very, very close” with Paul McCartney after his death.

He added: “He’s very, very good friends with me, so it’s very sad that he’s gone.

It’ll be a very, big loss.”

Wilson said McCartney’s family had received a “huge amount of support” in the wake of his death, and that he wanted to offer his condolences to McCartney’s friends.

“We’re still talking to the family and friends,” Wilson said.

“I want to say to them, ‘Thank you so much, for the kind words.

We’re going to do everything we can to make it all better for them.'”

McCartney was known for his quirky sense of humour, and his iconic image of a black man with a white beard and a black hat.

He won an Oscar for Best Actor in 1965 for his role in the film ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ in which he plays a “black American” in an African war.

The star, who was born in England to Welsh parents and raised in Wales, had a black friend named David Wilson, who has since died.

He played the role of “Black Jack” in ‘Silly Symphonies’, which was released in 1966.

Wilson said he “was the most popular guy in Wales”.

“We used to joke with each other and then we’d do stuff together,” he said.

Wilson’s son, Simon, is a singer-songwriter, and he told TalkSport he was grateful to McCartney for his support and encouragement in the years since McCartney’s death.

“When Paul died, he was such a huge part of our lives,” he told the programme.’

Totally devastated’Paul McCartney, who played the “black man with the white beard” character in the 1959 film ‘Sly Cooper and the Thievius Rattle Along’, was “the greatest rock star I’ve ever met”, his friend and fellow actor Graham Fenton said.

He said McCartney had been an inspiration to him and his family.

“That’s not to say that I didn’t want to play his character in any way I could,” Fenton added.

“But when he passed away, I was devastated.”

Wilson’s daughter, Joanna Wilson, added: “[Paul] was the most beautiful person.

His personality was so pure.

It was so wonderful to have been with him.”

Wilson told TalkSPORT that he and McCartney had “an amazing bond” when they worked together on ‘Sylvester Stallone and the Black Stallion’.

Wilson said the “biggest difference” between the actor and McCartney was his passion for music.

“They are two of the greatest artists that have ever lived, and they have a huge, huge love for music,” Wilson explained.

“Paul was a great musician, he loved to be in the studio and he had such a love for the instrument.

“So it was a huge change when he died. “

It wasn’t a shock to him at all. “

So it was a huge change when he died.

He knew it was just his thing. “

I think there were things that he thought were just as important to him as anything else.

He knew it was just his thing.

I don’t know if you can put it into words.””

Paul has had so many people take it away from him that he would never let them forget.”

Wilson was the son of musician, musician and producer, Peter Wilson.

He is the son and grandson of musicians Peter Wilson, the late Paul Wilson, and John Wilson.


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