Why are Americans so desperate to buy gas? The truth behind gas prices

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It’s hard to argue that gas prices have declined dramatically over the past few years, but the latest price drop in the U.S. is still the biggest in nearly a decade.

It has been a trend for a while, but it is also not uncommon.

Gas prices have dropped in some states in recent years, especially in the Midwest and Northeast.

In fact, it has been the case for decades.

The drop in gas prices has happened in all states, including the most recent price drop of about 30 percent.

What’s more, this price drop has been driven by a steady reduction in the number of passenger vehicles on the road.

For a while in the last year, the number has fallen, but in recent weeks, it’s increased dramatically.

This has led to a sharp rise in demand for gasoline in recent months.

As of today, there are about 30 million more gas stations in the country than there were in January 2018.

The latest data show that more than 80 percent of U.T. customers are still buying gasoline from gas stations.

And many Americans are starting to understand the price of gasoline.

The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in the United States has gone down by about 2.8 cents since January 2018, according to AAA.

The price of a gallon in Texas has gone up about 15 cents since February 2018.

As we move forward in the future, I’m sure that we will see prices fall in the near term.

But as we move past the next few years and the next election cycle, I hope that we’ll continue to see a price drop, and a decrease in the demand for gas.

So how is this impacting the gas market?

As we know, gasoline is a big component of our transportation fuels.

Gasoline is used to fuel engines and vehicles, as well as fuel pumps, to heat homes and offices.

In some parts of the country, such as in Texas, it is a main component of the price for gasoline.

But in other parts of this country, gas is used as a fuel for cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

So, the price that people pay for gasoline is determined by how much gas they use.

That is, the more gas you use, the higher the price.

There are three factors that affect how much you pay for gas: the type of fuel you use (regular gasoline, premium unleaded, premium diesel), the fuel blend you use in your vehicle (regular unleaded versus diesel), and the vehicle’s emissions (gasoline is a very fine fuel).

Regular unleaded gasoline is often cheaper than regular diesel, and premium unleade gasoline is sometimes cheaper than diesel.

Some states have restrictions on how much gasoline can be sold to individual drivers.

For example, some states have limits on how many people can be in a vehicle and how many times they can be allowed to drive a particular route, such that the vehicle can only be driven once.

The most common way that you can purchase gas is through a private-sector gas station.

Some people, including people in California, use the gas station to purchase gas for their personal use, and then they buy it in bulk.

Other people use the convenience of the gas stations to buy large amounts of gas in bulk, and they purchase the bulk gas in smaller quantities at smaller gas stations throughout the state.

There is also a tax credit available to consumers that gives them an incentive to use a gas station that is nearby and in the same area.

For more information on how gas prices are calculated, check out this chart.

How much are gas prices?

In general, the average price of regular unleaded gas is about $2.85 per gallon, and the average cost of premium unleamed gasoline is about about $3.75 per gallon.

For gasoline blended with diesel, the cost of regular diesel is about half that of regular, and it is about a third that of unleaded.

The cost of unleavened gasoline is much higher than regular unleavend, and is more expensive than regular.

In California, there is a limit on how often you can drive in a certain route.

If you drive for more than 24 hours in a 24-hour period, you can’t drive in the route, but you can still drive in it if you are accompanied by another person.

If the route is not part of your regular route, you still can drive.

However, if you do drive in that route, the limit is a maximum of 25 miles per day for one person.

For most of the state, you need to be accompanied by a person when you buy gasoline.

For other states, you do not need to have a person.

The other key difference between regular unleade and regular diesel gasoline is that regular unleades is a blend of refined petroleum products, whereas regular diesel fuels are natural gas.

That means that if you have a large amount of gasoline in


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