How to make a great flat earth model

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The Flat Earth Society (FES) was founded in 1985 by a group of amateur astronomers who began to develop their own scientific model to explain the motions of the earth.

Today, the organization’s headquarters are in New York City and it has a global network of over 4,000 members who have published more than 250 peer-reviewed scientific papers.

The FES is a nonprofit organization with an endowment of $2.5 million, and its mission is to promote the theory of the universe by producing scientific models that can be used to help explain the observed features of the cosmos.

To get the FES’ attention, we asked its members for a few tips on how to use the flat earth to better understand the motion of the Earth.


Get a real-time model from the FGS model website, and keep it up-to-date.

The Flat Earthers use the Flat Earth Model Explorer (FEME) software, which provides a free, open source program for astronomers and geophysicists.

This free software allows users to create their own flat earth models, which can then be imported into the FEME software to generate a model.


Create your own model using a digital compass.

For a model that you want to be a “living reference” (or “reference”), the Flat Ears have a free digital compass that can generate a geocentric flat Earth model.

The compass is available for free download from the website.


Create a model of your own using a simple pencil sketch.

The following instructions show how to create a model using just a pen and paper.

This method is very simple and quick, and it will work for anyone.

Just draw a straight line along the circumference of the globe (or ellipse) in the sketch.

Draw a circle (or an ellipsoid) around the center of the circle.

Draw an outline of the model (a triangle or ellipset).

This outline is called the “planetary plane” and is a flat plane.

Now, you can draw a circle around the planetary plane (or a triangle) as shown in the drawing above.

Draw two ellipses around the ellipsis.

Draw another straight line connecting the two ellipses.

Repeat the steps above for the other two ellipes, and draw a triangle in the middle of the two triangles.

This will create a circle of the same size and shape as the original model.

This is called a “symmetrical model.”

It’s a good idea to draw a diagram of the planatory plane and the symmetrical model to help you visualize the shape of the sphere and to help understand how it fits together.


Print a model on your own paper.

The easiest way to do this is to use a photo of your model and a photo that you’ve made yourself.

Then you can easily print it out and stick it on your computer to help visualize your model.

You can find a digital copy of this model here: 5.

Add a little more info to your model using the FETE tool.

To make a more detailed, geocoded flat earth reference model, add a couple of points to the model.

For example, if you have a model with the diameter of your globe of the center point at the center, add two points to that center point and then add a third point at that location, so the model has a circumference of 1.3 times the diameter.

Then, you add another point at each location to the circumference.

The model becomes a geodesic dome.

This dome is a great way to see where a particular feature of the geodesics are located, because you can plot a line from the center and show how it looks on the map.


Check out our Flat Earth Video course for more tips on using the FlatEars model.

To learn more about the FlatWorld project, check out this short video: https://www, 7.

You may also be interested in our FlatEarth videos, which include: 6:10: The FlatEarth: The Big Picture.

6:17: Flat Earth: The World We live in 6:20: FlatEarth Models: Exploring Earth with a Flat Earth View 6:25: FlatEarthers: The Real World: Earth.

7:09: Flat Earts: The Greatest Show on Earth.

_____The FlatEarts model is a living reference that can help explain our Earth’s motion.

The program provides a digital model that allows anyone to easily create a flat earth map.

For more information about the flat earthers, please visit their website.

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