NHL players make ‘great strides’ in 2015-16

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NHL players have been working out and taking classes to prepare for the upcoming season, and some of them may have to spend some time in the comfort of their own home.

The league’s players’ union has announced that it will be providing $50,000 to the National Hockey Players’ Association for training and equipment for the entire league, and the union has also offered the opportunity to the players to wear a helmet.

It will be the first time the NHL will provide this level of assistance to a team, but it’s not the first attempt by the union to offer assistance.

In 2011, it provided $100,000 for the Panthers for a $2 million equipment package.

And last season, the union provided $500,000 in equipment to the Los Angeles Kings for a total of $2.2 million.

In 2015-18, the NHL’s players made “significant strides” and have been getting more “good and solid” training, the league said in a statement.

The players will wear a safety net, which is a combination of a helmet and shoulder pads, in addition to a padded shoulder pad and shoulder belt, according to the statement.

“They’re in better shape,” the union said.

The union also said it will provide a helmet to all players.

The NHL has had several players injured this season and will be adding a helmet replacement program to the regular season this season.

“Players are taking great strides this season in their recovery and are being treated with respect,” the statement said.

We look forward to seeing them get back to the playing field and continuing to build the league on the foundation we’ve laid.”


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