What we know about the naked fitness models that rocked the nation’s top beach spots

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NEW YORK (AP) — The models were young, pretty, pretty good-looking and from a major city.

They were naked.

And they were doing it all at the same time.

It was like something out of a porn movie.

And it was happening to a lot of people, not just in New York City, but throughout the country.

The women were doing the thing they loved most: being naked on a beach.

They did it for love, they did it to get away from their husbands, they had nothing else on their minds but their bodies, said Sarah Danker, a New York University-based journalist who covered the women’s nude-fit movement.

They wanted to show they could do it, and they did.

There were even rumors that some of the models had died.

But now, a growing number of models are suing the women for wrongful death and wrongful imprisonment, saying they were victims of forced labor, harassment and physical abuse.

“The people who are being harassed and discriminated against, they are victims of these nude fitness model laws and laws,” said attorney David Farenthold, who represents one of the plaintiffs in the suit, Ashley Nicole Walker.

Walker’s lawsuit says Walker was lured to New York from California and was forced to work for her husband, who had a modeling contract with an agency, the Stihl Chainsaw Models.

Walker, a 28-year-old yoga instructor, claims she was stripped of her clothes, and that the husband threatened to kill her if she didn’t agree to his demands.

In 2015, Walker filed a lawsuit against Stihll Chainsaw for wrongful imprisonment and wrongful confinement, alleging the company had placed her in a shack with no food or water and denied her medical care.

According to Walker, the couple had been living in a Brooklyn apartment, where Walker said she was chained to a bed for more than three days and was kept naked and in a state of fear for her safety.

Farentholds lawsuit alleges that Stihls chain was in possession of “several” nude fitness photos of Walker, which were later sent to Walker’s husband, claiming he had taken the photos and had paid Stihla for them.

Walker alleges that her husband’s photo was also included in Stihler Chainsaw’s sales catalogue.

When Stihleas lawyers tried to stop Walker from going to court, Walker’s attorney, Sarah Dorkin, sent a cease-and-desist letter to Stihlers lawyers, including the Stahls legal team.

Stihl filed a response on Walker’s behalf, saying the company believed Walker was a victim of coercion and said she had not consented to the sexual exploitation.

The case is being heard in Manhattan federal court, where Farenths lawyers are representing Walker’s lawyers.

The judge has ordered the case be dismissed.

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