Why Japanese models are so good at swimming

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Japanese models swimsuits are a part of the beauty world.

But for some, they’re more than just a fashion accessory.

“They’re my dream, I just love them so much,” said Miyoko Kawabe, who lives in the Tokyo area.

In her home town of Nagano, the model of the swimsuit scene is Miyako Kawabe.

She has modeled for brands like Yohji Yamamoto and Soko Glam, and she has been a swimsuit model for a decade.

“I think I’m one of the best in the world, and I’m still going strong, no matter what,” Kawabe said.

I’m not the only one.

Another Japanese model is Masaharu Nakashima, who is based in Los Angeles.

Nakashimas company, SokoGlam, has sold over 50 million swimsuits.

“My model of choice is Miyoko, she’s the best,” Nakashis model, Yoshihiko Matsui, told Reuters.

The swimsuit industry is also getting its first-ever female models in the form of Japanese model Shizuko Takahashi, who made waves in 2013 when she went topless for a cover shoot.

A third Japanese model who models for brands including Yoh, Yohi, Yodai, and Takara is Yukari Nakashino.

Nakas first modeling gig came in 2008 when she was 16.

“I had a lot of opportunities but it was always with my brother, and then I got the chance to meet the company, Yoei,” Nakashi told Reuters, her voice cracking with emotion.

After graduating from high school, Nakashin moved to Tokyo to attend a modeling school.

Her modelling career continued for a few years until she was hired by a Japanese fashion company.

“After the accident, I became a model for Yoeyama, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I started working as a model,” Nakas told Reuters by phone.

Nakashin’s modeling career is not over yet.

“As I got older, I started doing modeling again,” she said.

“At the age of 18, I began to do my own modeling agency and now I am in my third year of modeling.”