How to get naked in Jerusalem’s Haifa, Israel

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You can now have a model topless in Haifa’s central market square, as the city’s tourism ministry has launched a campaign to attract more tourists to the country’s famed tourist town.

The campaign, which is a joint effort between Haifa City Hall and the tourism ministry, is designed to increase the number of tourists visiting Haifa by 100 percent, and by half an hour.

The Haifa Tourism Board, the city administration, the Tourism and Tourism Development Authority, the Haifa Film Academy, the tourism department and the Tourism Ministry will work together to create the campaign.

The Haifa-based tourism board has created a new “Model Pool” where model nude male model multiplication will be launched on Monday.

The pool will include all models of different body shapes, ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations and gender identities.

The model pool will be open until 10 p.m. on Monday, and the pool will close at 5 p.d.

The pool will also be open for free until the end of the week.

A video of the pool is being produced, which will be posted on YouTube.

According to the Haaretz newspaper, Haifa Mayor Nachman Shaiyan has invited model Sharon Elman, a resident of Tel Aviv, to participate in the pool.

“I know Sharon will do great work, and she is an extremely talented model,” Shaiyaan said, adding that he was eager to work with her on the project.

The program, which comes after Haifa became the first Israeli city to allow the public to have nude models in the city center, will also have models from Israel’s biggest cities.

A model pool in Jerusalem will be closed on Thursday, according to the tourism board.

In the past, HaIFA has been known for having an abundance of naked models, but in the past five years, the number has decreased significantly.

This year, the area has seen a spike in the number.

Last week, Haaretz reported that a model pool was closed due to security concerns.

Haifa police chief Yigal Galor said that due to a new security protocol in place in the region, the pool was reopened on Wednesday.

Last month, the Jerusalem Post reported that there had been an increase in models who wanted to pose in Haaretz’s nude pool, which was located in the area of the Old City, where a statue of Moses is located.


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