NRA: ‘Winchester Model 94’ is ‘a good firearm’

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The NRA on Tuesday released a video showing a Winchester Model 94 that was purchased in the United States by a woman in Missouri.

In the video, the woman is shown holding a rifle and holding a loaded shotgun on a bench in front of a tree.

The NRA said in a statement that it is “disappointed” that the firearm has been confiscated.

The video has been removed from YouTube, but the NRA said it was still available on YouTube.

The gun was bought by the woman in the video who said she was “not familiar with firearms” and “did not intend to shoot anyone” before purchasing it.

She told the NRA that she “was worried about being caught.”

The NRA says the woman told the agency she had recently purchased a rifle because she “believed the firearm was going to be dangerous.”

The NRA also says the gun was legally purchased in Missouri by a “family member” in 2014.