Which Model Is Best for Your Next Car?

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The EPA’s Environmental Protection Agency is warning automakers to update their models for 2019 because they can lead to more air pollution in the coming decades.

The agency’s proposed rule will force automakers to upgrade their emissions models to reflect recent climate changes.

The EPA estimates that the updated models will increase annual vehicle CO2 emissions by about 2 percent compared to the baseline 2025 models.

The agency’s plan, which will be published in the Federal Register next month, calls for automakers to begin installing new emission controls, such as a system to reduce vehicle tailpipe emissions, on new models by 2021.

The rules also call for automakers that have not updated their emission models for at least three years to upgrade the emission control technology, including newer models.

In 2018, the agency estimated that vehicles manufactured before 2020 emitted about 14 percent more CO2 than vehicles manufactured after 2020.

The report notes that the number of emissions-related fatalities is likely to increase as the industry evolves.