Which model of Wilhelminas hair do you like the most?

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The hair of Willetta Models’ Modelo especifico Black Scholes modelo, the brand’s latest collection of black hair, is in the spotlight for its sheer cut.

The collection features the hair of three models in a number of colors.

The model in black, who looks like a blonde version of Wille’s former hairstyle, is known for her striking, voluminous locks.

The blonde in the other two hair colors is known as “Black,” and the third is a shade of red that is also used for Willettas signature style.

While the look is similar, the blonde hair is darker and more voluminously colored than the blonde in Black, and the hair in Red and Black is a little more curly than the black hair in the blonde.

As for the blonde models hair color, the models who have been featured in the collection include Kylie Jenner, Ashley Graham, and Alyssa Milano.

With all three models being black, it is no surprise that the blonde model in Red looks more like a brunette, and her hair color is slightly more brown.

The most interesting thing about the hairstyle of Black Schole models is that the brunette in Red is blonde. 

The blonde models are currently available for pre-order for $3,199 on Wilhelms website, but they are currently only available for a limited time, so get yours while you can.