How to pick the right underwear for a male model

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Male models need a bit more variety when it comes to underwear styles.

The key to choosing the right model underwear can be found in the style.

Men’s underwear is all about form, so men’s models need to make sure they are comfortable in their underwear, whether they are wearing men’s boxer shorts or their traditional briefs.

“If you are wearing boxer shorts, you are going to need to change your underwear, because the material won’t be able to keep up with the movement of the underwear,” says Andrew Rafferty, Senior Head of Sales and Marketing at H&M.

“I think men’s underwear should be more supportive for the leg,” he adds.

For a better fit, men’s boxers need to be thicker and longer.

“If you’re a taller man, you should look at a thicker pair of boxer shorts and try and find a shorter pair,” he explains.

“A pair of short shorts can be quite comfortable, but longer shorts should not be worn by men taller than 5ft 9in, as these can be uncomfortable.”

Men’s boxer briefs can be very comfortable for longer periods of time,” adds RafferTY.

“Briefs are a great way to make a statement that you’re fit and looking good.””

Some of the best men’s and female models in the industry wear men’s briefs, as it’s not just about the underwear, but also the shape of the man and his body shape,” explains Rafferting.

“Briefs are a great way to make a statement that you’re fit and looking good.”

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Find out how to pick and choose the best underwear for your male model.

Find more tips for choosing the best pair of underwear for male models.

Follow our male model guide to help you get the right pair of men’s modelling underwear.


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