Trump Jr.’s Instagram post: ‘All women are human, regardless of race’

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Ivanka Trump has defended her daughter’s Instagram post, saying it was in line with her own views on race and gender.

In a post on Tuesday, Ivanka said she and her husband had been asked to participate in an event to commemorate the centennial of the US Civil Rights Act, and that the message of inclusion was one she wanted to share with the public.

“We felt it was important to share our views on issues such as race and women’s rights,” the first daughter wrote.

“I would never say I was 100% on board with this position on race, but we have always believed that all women are humans and that everyone deserves the same opportunities and protections under the law.”

And it’s important to me that our daughters understand that all of us are human and deserve equal treatment under the laws and that’s why I am so proud to share my views.

“The Trump family has been criticised for posting comments in the past in which they have defended racism and called for greater diversity in their community.

The president has said he does not want to use the term “illegitimate president”, and has also been accused of making insensitive comments about the deaths of Black Lives Matter protesters.

But Ivanka said in her post on Instagram that the president did not have the right to use such terms and the White House had no official position on the matter.”

The White House has declined to comment on the president’s comments.”

If he were to do so, it would be inappropriate to hold him accountable.”

The White House has declined to comment on the president’s comments.


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