When Ferrari F30 is ready for race season

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Ferrari has confirmed the car’s new supercar will be ready for the 2018 season, a development the Italian company has been pushing for for some time.

The Italian company confirmed the F30 will be available to customers in early 2020 and will be offered as a factory build in the UK.

The F30, which launched in 2021 and has gone on to win three Constructors’ Championships, is expected to feature a 1.6-litre V12 engine with a power output of 531bhp (388kW) and a 0-62mph (4.5mph) time of 4.7 seconds.

The new Ferrari F3000 will feature a turbocharged V12 with a 1,650bhp power output, and will also feature a range of upgrades to the current F30 model.

The sportscar will also get an updated suspension system and an electronically controlled rear wing.

Ferrari has also announced it will introduce a new version of the V12, which will feature an electronically-controlled rear diffuser and front wing, to replace the current V12.

The company said the 2018 model will be based on the same chassis and engine as the current model, with the 2018 F30 to come with a turbocharger upgrade to 1.4 litres, and also a revised suspension system to help the car improve grip.

It will also have a new bodywork, aero package and a new suspension.

The 2018 F3000 model will have an upgraded body with aluminium alloys, carbon fibre and a carbon fibre front splitter, along with new LED headlights, new rear wing, new air suspension and aero kit.

The bodywork will also be updated to match the 2017 model, while the new air intake will feature aluminium fins.

The updated 2018 F-Pace will also come with an optional leather package for the front seats, and the new 2019 model will come with the new leather package, which has been created for the car.

The 2019 F-Type will be a production-ready car with a 3.0-litres V12 and will come in two versions: a Sport and a Touring.

The 2017 model will feature the V10 engine with power output in the region of 3,200bhp, with its output coming from a six-speed automatic gearbox and paddle shifters.

It also has a revised power steering system and the rear suspension will be upgraded to cope with the added torque.

The 2016 model will also see a V12 turbocharged engine with the power output coming in the vicinity of 3.5 litres with its power coming from an eight-speed manual transmission.


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