Which teen model will you find the most naked in 2018?

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By 2018, we’re going to be seeing the likes of Kendall Jenner, Bella Thorne, Bella DeJesus, and a whole bunch of models on our shores.

So who will you be staring at, the most?

Let’s look at who’s going to take home the crown this year:Here are the top models that are already set to arrive in the US by 2020:Kendall JennerModel, modelo beerThe teen-beauty legend has been on a tear since her debut as the face of the iconic brand in 2010.

As part of the Jenner+Care Foundation, which was launched last year, she’s been on an almost daily mission to help teens in need.

Her campaign for A-list brands like Clinique and Urban Outfitters is now the #1 influencer on Instagram, and she’s set to continue this year with a slew of campaigns for her new foundation.

She’s already received praise for her work as a role model for the underprivileged, and as a model, she has been known to get naked for her campaigns, including one in which she wore nothing but a pink bikini.

Kendall’s been doing this for years, and with her upcoming foundation she’s hoping to make a name for herself, too.

Lana Del ReyModel, lingerie brand, lingeries model, LifestylesLana is known for her sheer and sheer, leggy figure, but her latest campaign, LOST, is also an incredibly sexy and sexy way to highlight her sexuality.

LOST features nude models and models wearing lingerie and poses in various sexual positions.

It’s one of the most explicit campaigns to come out of the lingerie industry in years, with Del Rey being one of her most outspoken advocates for sexual liberation.

She even has a new video featuring her performing a sexy solo.

Del Rey is also making a bold move with her new collection, LIVING, which features a range of leggings and dresses in various styles and colors.

LIVED is available now in the UK and on Amazon, and you can see her in action in the following clips:We’ve already seen plenty of high-profile models wearing leggers and revealing dresses in the past year, but what’s the most recent trend you’re most excited about?


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