Which Volkswagen model are you?

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Volkswagen models have been the subject of much speculation over the past year as the company grapples with a spate of emissions cheating scandals.

The automaker has been rocked by accusations of cheating emissions tests and lawsuits alleging it misled customers into believing their vehicles were safer.

Volkswagen has been accused of illegally using software to alter emission controls to boost the vehicles performance, and its CEO, Martin Winterkorn, has admitted he took the company to court to try to resolve the issue.

Volvo has been under increasing pressure to fix its diesel cars, which emit up to 14 times more pollution than conventional cars.

The German automaker was forced to recall more than 300,000 cars worldwide, after regulators found that up to 5,000 models were emitting up to 4.5 times more than required.

Volkers VW Golf and Golf TDI diesel models have also been recalled, with the automaker blaming the faulty software for causing the problem.

The Volkswagen recall comes just days after the company was forced into a U-turn in a major policy decision, as it admitted to misleading consumers about the emissions of its models.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced in October that Volkswagen’s emissions were significantly overstated, and the company admitted to violating emission standards for some diesel vehicles.

Volgers chief executive, Martin Wolf, said the automaking group was now in the process of overhauling its emissions standards, including the use of new technology to determine when and how much pollution the vehicle was emitting.


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