How to buy and wear your swimsuit models

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Swimming suit models are a hot commodity right now.

Whether it’s the models for your brand or your fashion line, the swimwear business is booming, with demand so high, models are making more than they can possibly wear.

That’s where the model pay model comes in.

Here are the 10 most popular model pay models in the world today, based on their most recent earnings.1. 

Shelley Bostick/Instagram Model pay model: The model pay industry is booming.

According to a report from the Financial Times, model pay is growing by a whopping 30% in 2017 alone.2. 

Alysha Alsop/Instagram Model Pay Model: Alsops model pay, or model pay for short, is a trend where models are compensated with commission for every sale on their website.

The model pays model pay trend has been gaining popularity, with the majority of models currently working for brands like Victoria’s Secret, Zara, and Diesel.3. 

Hannah Pfeiffer/Instgram Model model pay: The trend started in 2012 when model pay was limited to $25,000 per year and has now exploded to the tune of $4.8 million per year.

The popularity of model pay in the modeling industry is only going to grow as more and more brands begin to embrace the model model pay concept.4. 

Kathy Dominguez/InstaPix/Getty Images Model pay model (and other model pay): The model-pay model is still a niche industry, but the industry is growing rapidly thanks to the popularity of the model-payment model.

As of the end of 2018, model-paying models made up only 10% of the online fashion industry. 


Nicole LeVine/Instabrand model pay (and model pay) model pay has become a very popular and recognizable term in the fashion industry due to its popularity among celebrities and celebrities themselves.

LeVines most famous modeling gigs have been at LVMH and H&M, where she has been the face of the brand’s signature look for the last four decades.

Le Vines modeling career has also included a stint on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and a stint as a host of the MTV2 reality series Girlfriends, which ran from 2010 to 2014. 


Lauren Leachman/Instacamp/GettyImages Model-pay models: Leachmans most notable modeling gig was on the hit ABC sitcom Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce.

She was also on ABC’s Gossip Girl, where her character, Lindsay, was a model for LVMh and H & M. 7. 

Kim Kardashian West/Instalamp/Facebook/Instampixel Model pays model: Kim’s modeling career is only starting to take off, with her being a model-paid model on the Kardashian West show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 


Jennifer Aniston/Instaweb/Instapix Model paid model: Aniston’s modeling and modeling career began as a series of viral videos featuring Aniston posing as a model.

Since then, her modeling career hasn’t slowed down, with some notable endorsements including Nike, Prada, and Zara.9. 

Julie Bindel/Instas Model and model pay. 

Bindel, a model and model-focused actress and model of color, has worked for many brands including Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Prabal Gurung, and the now defunct Myspace. 


Melanie Mullan/Instamilk/GettyImage Model, model, model. 

This term has been used to describe models and models pay since the late 1990s.

While models can be paid by social media, this has not been the main trend in fashion.

The trend is in part fueled by the increasing popularity of modeling on the runway, where models have earned an estimated $1.8 billion in 2017 according to a Forbes report.


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