Why the new BMW 7 Series SUV will be the first car in the line to have a virtual reality-capable camera

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By RTE News EditorIn an effort to increase vehicle safety and reduce vehicle emissions, BMW will soon be offering the world’s first all-virtual-reality (VR) vehicle, the 7 Series, on the road.

This is the first time a BMW vehicle will have a car-to-car (C2C) communication system built into the vehicle, which allows the driver to communicate with the vehicle using an internal camera.

The car will be powered by the i3 petrol engine, which will be paired with a 360-degree cameras and other sensors.

These cameras and sensors are designed to detect and provide real-time information to the driver, who will be able to interact with the virtual reality environment in real-life.

The BMW 7 will also feature a virtual driver assistance system, which is designed to help the driver stay aware of his surroundings in the virtual world.

The driver will be guided through the various phases of driving using the iDrive virtual car system, as well as the iConnect app for real-world driving.

The first VR-equipped car will come on the market next year, which means it will not be limited to just the BMW brand.

The other car brands including Mercedes, Audi, and BMW are all currently offering their own virtual-reality products.

While it may not be the same as a car being driven on the virtual road, it is still an important step in improving safety for the general public and the environment, said Caro Domenici, director of product innovation at BMW, in a statement.”BMW has an important part to play in bringing the benefits of virtual reality to people, which includes improving vehicle safety.

The technology is ready and ready for mass adoption,” Domenicsi added.BMW is expected to introduce its first VR vehicle, based on the i2 SUV, in 2020.


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